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Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

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Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

Welcome To The Best In Singapore - Home Tuition Division

Hello 🙂 I am Amelia Lee, PhD – Princeton University, Materials Science Engineering.

I am one of the co-founders of The Best In Singapore, and I lead our Education Division comprising over 31,000 of Singapore’s most qualified and experienced home tutors.

Since 2012, we have established a strong track record of helping our students achieve better grades. You have probably heard about us from your school teachers, classmates, relatives or colleagues.

Getting into a good school and maintaining good grades is important for anyone who wants to do well in their chosen career – whether you plan to eventually work in Singapore, Asia, Europe or the United States.

Exams now require students to be able to remember large chunks of information, analyze complicated scenarios and then come up with appropriate answers.

The easier part of all these important tasks is probably the memorization of content from your textbooks. It certainly is more challenging to be able to correctly develop your higher-order thinking skills. Once you can do this, you will then need to apply the analyses are required by the increasingly difficult exam questions. Your school teachers are very good, but they are sometimes too busy to answer every question that you have.

In order to consistently achieve higher grades, you need appropriate guidance from exceptional home tutors who:

  1. Have proven track records of guiding their students to better understand and apply the complex information 
  2. Help you avoid careless mistakes
  3. Can identify what the exam questions really want you to do
  4. Are are able to give you valuable strategies to answer difficult exam questions

Choose tutors with proven track records today, so that your grades will improve in time for the coming major exams.

Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

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social studies tuition
social studies tuition
social studies tuition
social studies tuition

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Over 31,000 private tutors with proven track records. Choose from MOE teachers, tutors with PhD/Master's/Bachelor's/University undergraduates.

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You will receive profiles of tutors who have relevant tutoring achievements at your academic level, and who have majored in the subject that you are seeking tuition in.
social studies tuition
social studies tuition

Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

Good Reviews By Parents & Students
Comments and feedback of the results of hiring professional home tutors from The Best In Singapore

social studies tuition

For the past few months, I have not been able to really understand how to answer the questions that my teacher has been giving to me. My results have been borderline passes and this was very discouraging. We found a Social Studies tuition teacher, Mr Goh, from The Best In Singapore. He taught me exam skills and answering techniques that my school teacher said were good. I should be able to get a B or even an A for my O Levels.

Leia Phua
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)

social studies tuition

My school teacher told me that because I wanted to get into a junior college after my O Levels, I should try to do well in Social Studies because it is important to have good analytical and writing skills when I take General Paper. I had been getting mostly B's for Social Studies. I am not sure if it was because of careless mistakes, or if I had not understood what the questions wanted me to answer. Luckily, Mr Tan (my Social Studies tuition teacher from The Best In Singapore) was very sharp and could see why I was losing marks. I managed to get an A for my O Levels.

Daniel Koh
St Andrew’s Secondary School

social studies tuition

My seniors in school did not like Social Studies in Sec 3 and Sec 4. By the time I was in Sec 3, my impression of Social Studies wasn't all that good. I started taking home tuition from the first half of Sec 3. Ms Ng is very lively, and makes the content more interesting than when I learn in school. I found that it wasn't all that difficult to get B's, so I am now aiming for an A for my O Levels.

Suaidah Mahmood
Dunearn Secondary School

social studies tuition

Social Studies is not a difficult subject, but I find it hard to be able to score an A in it. I am doing well in my other subjects, so it is really frustrating that I keep getting only B's. Ms Leong from The Best In Singapore is very good. She helped many students in Sec 3 and Sec 4 really grasp the concepts so that we can apply the knowledge to the difficult questions

Alice Chan
CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent

Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

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Sample Tutor Profiles

Mr AHK has 12 years of Social Studies tuition experience. He has a Bachelor’s from NTU, majoring in Geography (Honours). He taught at a tuition centre for 8 years, and he wrote the Social Studies curriculum for that group of tuition centres. Mr AHK’s home tuition students attended Outram Secondary School, Manjusri Secondary School, Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary), Clementi Woods Secondary School, CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh), and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
Ms JTG has 7 years of Social Studies tuition experience. She has a Bachelor’s in Political Science from NUS (Honours) and was an MOE contract teacher for 3 years. Ms JTG’s private tuition students attended North Vista Secondary School, Raffles Institution, Naval Base Secondary School, MacPherson Secondary School, Juying Secondary School, and Nanyang Girls’ High School.
Ms SN has 13 years of Social Studies tuition experience. She has a PhD in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor’s in History from NUS (First Class Honours). Ms SN’s tuition students attended Bishan Park Secondary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, and Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary).
Mr HF has 9 years of Social Studies tuition experience. He has a Bachelor’s in Geography from NUS and taught at tuition centres for 4 years. Mr HF’s private tuition students attended Henderson Secondary School, Fuchun Secondary School, Maris Stella High School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary), and Pioneer Secondary School.
Ms PF has 6 years of Social Studies tuition experience. She has a Master’s in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s in Economics (First Class Honours) from NTU. Ms PF's private tuition students attended River Valley High School, St. Joseph’s Institution, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Peicai Secondary School, Ngee Ann Secondary School, and Hwa Chong Institution (Integrated Programme).
Mr SK has 14 years of Social Studies tuition experience. He has a Master’s in Political Science from NUS, and a Bachelor’s in History (2nd Upper Class Honours) from NUS. Mr SK’s private tuition students attended St. Margaret’s Secondary School, Serangoon Garden Secondary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Bedok South Secondary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, and Christ Church Secondary School.

Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

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Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

Social Studies GCE O Level curriculum and subject syllabuses
Source: Singapore Ministry of Education website

For the most current and more comprehensive information, please refer to the MOE website.


Social Studies seeks to develop the competencies of our students to be informed, concerned and participative citizens by the end of a 10-year Social Studies education. These competencies encompass the body of knowledge, skills and values expressed in the Philosophy of Social
Studies and they are elaborated below.

As informed citizens, students would:
• understand their identity as Singaporeans with a global outlook;
• understand different perspectives;
• view the world with an understanding of the Singapore perspective;
• apply reflective thought in making quality decisions;
• analyse, negotiate and manage complex situations; and
• evaluate information, consider different viewpoints and exercise discernment in reaching well-reasoned conclusions and making responsible decisions.

As concerned citizens, students would:
• have a sense of belonging to their community and nation;
• appreciate the importance of engaging in issues of societal concern;
• be committed to building social cohesion by appreciating diversity in society; and
• have an awareness of the ethical considerations and consequences of decision-making.

As participative citizens, students would:
• be motivated to identify issues of concern and take action;
• be resilient in addressing concerns of the community or society in spite of challenges faced; and
• be empowered to take personal and collective responsibility for effecting change for the good of society, and serve to make a positive difference to others.


Purpose of Assessment
The purpose of assessment must be understood beyond the context of high-stake national examinations. While Assessment of Learning does play an important role in quantifying and qualifying the students’ and teachers’ efforts at understanding and applying knowledge areas, it is not an end in itself.

The grades and feedback received at specific junctures serve as a consolidation of students’ learning, but may not be timely in helping teachers strengthen their teaching practices.

Thus, Assessment for Learning is just as important because it provides regular feedback to teachers on how they could improve on classroom practices in order to better cater to their students’ learning needs and in turn, strengthen the learning and teaching of Social Studies.

Both Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning have a place in the Social Studies Express/Normal (Academic) Curriculum. The modes of assessment are designed in alignment with the purpose of the Syllabus, which is to develop our students into informed, concerned and participative citizens.

This is made possible as both school-based assessment and national assessment seek to evoke students’ curiosity to inquire into societal issues that concern their lives.

Both assessments require students to think critically and reflectively about these issues through the appreciation
of multiple perspectives, to derive at well-reasoned and substantiated conclusions.

Modes of Assessment

School-Based Assessment

As mentioned previously, Assessment for Learning (formative assessment) is just as important as Assessment of Learning (summative assessment).

Examples of summative assessment include class assessments and semestral examinations, while formative assessments could
exist in the form of quizzes, debates, deliberative discussions and Issue Investigation.

(a) Purpose of Issue investigation
The inquiry approach develops skills and values that cannot be wholly assessed through conventional pen-and-paper assessment modes as students are required to integrate the knowledge, skills and values learnt and demonstrate them in the classroom.

Thus, the outcomes of the approach are better exemplified through their participation in learning activities.

As a performance task, Issue Investigation provides a platform for students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values needed for active citizenship.

As students conduct investigations on societal issues of meaning to them, they extend their inquiry skills by working as a group to:
• identify a societal issue that is a cause of concern;
• gather data that reflects multiple perspectives;
• analyse the data gathered to surface trends and patterns that help address the issue;
• arrive at well-reasoned and substantiated conclusions;
• consider possible recommendations to the societal issue; and
• reflect on their understanding of the societal issue and examine personal assumptions and beliefs about the issue.

Moreover, when students undertake Issue Investigation, they learn to question unexamined assumptions and develop perspective-taking, all of which will contribute towards helping them arrive at informed conclusions.

Thus, Issue Investigation provides students with the opportunity to practise and demonstrate the 21st Century Competencies to become informed, concerned and participative citizens.

(b) Assessment in Issue Investigation
The different stages of Issue Investigation, i.e. Sparking Curiosity, Gathering Data, Exercising Reasoning and Reflective Thinking, allow students the opportunity to apply a combination of knowledge, skills and values to inquire and address the societal issue they have chosen.

The application of these knowledge, skills and values leads to outcomes which the Issue Investigation process aims to develop in students

Scheme of Assessment

The assessment objectives reflect the emphasis in the aims of the Social Studies Syllabus.

These objectives are tested in two different sections of the Social Studies paper.

Section A: Source-Based Case Study (SBCS)
The GCE ‘O’- and ‘N(A)’- Level Social Studies Syllabus aims to develop critical and reflective thinking, and perspective-taking in students. This is best assessed in Section A where students are required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding through an
unseen SBCS.

They will interpret and evaluate a collection of sources based on a societal issue.

There is hence, alignment between Assessment Objectives 1 and 2 with the assessment items in this section.

A new assessment item, sub-question (e) is introduced, where students are required to consolidate perspectives from multiple sources of information to respond to the issue of the Source-Base Case Study.

Section B: Structured-Response Question (SRQ)

The GCE ‘O’- and ‘N(A)’- Level Social Studies Syllabus is anchored on issues and driven by inquiry, where knowledge is important as a basis for discourse on societal issues.

Students will be required to show their understanding of societal issues when they apply their knowledge as they analyse societal issues and construct explanations.

This emphasis on knowledge beyond factual recall and the ability to construct reasoned arguments and make informed judgement and recommendations are tested in Section B.

Duration and Weighting

The total duration for both the ‘O’- and ‘N(A)’- Level Social Studies papers is 1hr 45mins.

As seen previously, the ‘O’- and ‘N(A)’- Level Social Studies papers comprise two sections: Section A (Source-Based Case Study) and Section B (Structured-Response Question).

Students will have to attempt all questions in both Section A and Section B. The total marks for SBCS is 35 marks for both the ‘O’- and ‘N(A)’- Level examinations.

Correspondingly, the total marks for SRQ is 15 marks.

Both the SBCS and SRQ will be marked using the Levels of Response Marking Scheme (LORMS), which rewards the level of skill or understanding displayed in an answer.

Section A will involve a greater number of marks and students will need to spend a longer period of time to complete this section.”

Social Studies Tuition | Social Studies Tutor | Social Studies Tuition Singapore | Geography Tuition | History Tuition

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